TSSEA Thermal Spraying and Surface Engineering Association


Surface Coatings Engineer Cost Savings
TWI Granta Centre, Granta Park, Great Abingdon, Cambridge, CB21 6AL

Since it's invention in the early part of 20th Century, Thermal Spraying has been associated with not only process improvement, but also cost saving. The subsequent development of complementary Surface Engineering processes has followed in a similar direction.

Whether that cost saving was associated with the reclamation of sprayed worn automotive shafts during war years or hard facing applications to give surface enhancement to cheaper substrate materials, Surface Engineering has played a large part in reducing costs in a wide variety of industry sectors.

This conference not only looks at areas where Surface Engineering has reduced costs for various industries, but also examines methods employed to reduce costs within the industry itself.

Whatever the prevailing market conditions, cost saving both in and surrounding the Coatings industry, is critical to its survival.

We are grateful to all contributors to this conference, who will approach the subject of cost saving from their own individual perspectives.

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